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Slab Leak Detection and Repair

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Our Slab Leak Services Overview

Slab leaks can take place in ones Anaheim house for different reasons. For instance, if the soil around ones house is mostly clay, it could be very sensitive to moisture differences. Any time water is put in, the clay will expand and push up. This produces pressure to foundations from below. In time, the slab and flooring can push upwards leading to water pipes in the slab to break. When that develops, water may flood the main floor, ruining ones furnishings. Sewer lines can also be damaged by the slab leak, and that is a much larger circumstance.

Another explanation just how a slab leak repair may possibly develop is through pipe decline. In houses in which copper pipes had been originally used, and together with the quality of the property’s water, pipe breakdown can happen over time. Pinhole leaks can establish. The seeping water will move to the surface through the slab.

Signs of a Possible Anaheim Slab Leak

Take note of all these potential symptoms in ones residence. Contact us if any one of these are developing with your property’s slab.

Floors or floorings are constantly damp
Water bill costs have increased
The sound of water could be heard while plumbing fixtures aren’t getting used
Cracks in the foundation can be seen
Lawn or vegetation near the foundation grow unevenly
Areas of the slab floor are warmer compared to others
Lowered water pressure
Smells are emerging out of the floor or walls

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